Dr. Stuart Speakman CEng FIET

Founder / CTO



ADVANCED THIN FILM DEVICES – SENIOR SCIENTIST/CSO/CTO with an extensive portfolio of business activity accumulated over more than 30 years – Serial inventor and entrepreneur with considerable high technology RD&D and consultancy experience including a wide-ranging expertise in passive and functional oxides providing solutions to thin and thick film science and technology problems and associated product development and manufacturing challenges for a range of companies spanning high-tech start-ups through to multinationals.


Recent Publications:


A J Flewitt, J D Dutson, P Beecher, D Paul, S J Wakeham, M E Vickers, C Ducati, S P Speakman, W I Milne and M J Thwaites.: “Stability of thin film transistors incorporating a zinc oxide or indium zinc oxide channel deposited by a high rate sputtering process”, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 24 (2009)

Flora M. Li, Andrew J. Flewitt, James D. Dutson, Steve. J. Wakeham, Mike J. Thwaites, Mary E. Vickers, Caterina Ducati, Stuart P. Speakman, and William I. Milne.: “High-k (k = 30) Amorphous Hafnium Oxide Sputter Deposited without Substrate Heating or Annealing: Advantages of High Density Remote Sputtering over rf Magnetron Sputtering”, Submitted to Advanced Functional Materials (2009)

Li, F.M., Waddingham, R., Milne, W. I., Flewitt, A.J., Speakman, S. P., Dutson, J., Wakeham, S., and Thwaites, M.: “Low temperature (< 100oC) deposited P-type cuprous oxide thin films: Importance of controlled oxygen and deposition energy”, Thin Solid Films, Volume 520, Issue 4, (2011), pp 1278-1284

Williamson, C., Liang, H-L., Speakman, S. P., and Chu, D.: “Double sided roll-to-roll manufacture of flexible display panels”, Instrumentation, Volume 2, No. 1, (March 2015), pp 57-64


Selected technical reports:


  • Aluminium – Silver metal bilayer intermetal diffusion
  • Deposition of transparent conducting oxides
  • Device metallisation stability and electromigration
  • Glancing angle deposition of porous coatings
  • Large area micropatterning using peelable masking
  • Metal grid electrode design and manufacture
  • Microfabrication of thin film gas sensors
  • Passivation of thin film electronic devices
  • Physical vapour deposition of electronic device contact metals
  • Thin film processing method impact on coating microstructure and coating - device performance
  • Thin metal film corrosion and protection


Additional information:


  • Honorary Visiting Professor in Thin Film Materials Science, Manchester University (1996-2004)
  • Royal Society Industry Fellowship award (50% part-time in the period 1997-2001) co-hosted by the Chemistry Department, Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine (Dr. Joachim Steinke) and by the Electrical Division of the Engineering Department, Cambridge University (Professor Bill Milne): Research topic - “Drop-on-Demand Ink Jet Printing of Semiconductor Thin Films and Devices”


Mr Matthew Speakman

General Manager



Matthew has been working at 3t Technologies Limited alongside Dr Speakman, since 2010. He has an Open University Certificate in Computing and IT and has been involved in all stages of the design and build of the L3PM desktop system.  He has a comprehensive understanding of the business and recently due to this understanding was assigned the position of general manager. 

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