In its simplest form the patterned peelable mask process requires only 3 processing stages including masking film lamination, thin film coating deposition (or surface treatment), and whole area masking film and residual coating removal as shown in the simple upper graphic below. 

The mask micro patterning can be achieved off-sample or on sample as shown in the simple lower graphic above.



The overall reduction in processing steps – coupled with the simplified processing, minimised production system footprint, and ease of disposability of the mask and residual coating – provides a substantial value proposition for the uptake of the technology in the flexible display and electronic circuit, disposable electronics, medical electronics, smart packaging, foldable energy, and wearable electronics R&D and manufacturing industries.

Benefits of using Patterned Peelable Masking Technology

Peelable mask benefits:


  •  Compatible with a very wide range of low temperature deposition processes
  •  Broad range of feature sizes – 100’s microns to a few-microns
  •  Very large area [width & length] patterning uniformity
  •  Rigid substrate and web film compatible processing
  •  Environmentally-friendly and clean disposal
  •  Supports surface or embedded structure processing
  •  Supports discrete and contiguous patterns
  •  Off-line and on-substrate patterning
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