The L3PM Desktop system is a laser-based versatile processing tool which provides a mdular upgradeable facility for investigating peelable masking technology and developing materials, coatings, and manufacturing of flexible media electronic devices and circuits.


It is configured to operate in a roll-to-plate format to enable precision laser processing with pressure lamination pick-up or transfer including the use of patterned peelable masks. The roller has built-in locating pins and tensioning device for use with a pre-cut carrier film. Materials for laser processing - including patterning - of suitably absorbing media is coated/deposited onto, or attached onto, the carrier film and held in position by the tensioning device set-up.


Flexible media could include uncoated, treated, and thin film coated plastic film, foils, adhesive sheet, paper, textiles, ultra-thin glass, etc. with applicability to a wide range of suitably absorbing organic or inorganic thin film coatings on a range of flexible media.

The L3PM Desktop System is a unique laser-based versatile desktop system aimed at providing a modular upgradeable processing platform for investigating and developing materials, coatings, and manufacturing methods supporting flexible media electronics circuitry R&D.


This initial modular laboratory scale system is designed for use in a variety of R&D environments and includes provision for researching and developing a versatile peelable adhesive coating mask technology for selective area protection of a substrate surface to enable subsequent localised surface treatment or thin film coating deposition to take place.




L3PM Features:


•    Laser image processing on flexible media


•    Laser imaging cylinder with built-in carrier film holding and tensioning device


•    Simple to use and easy to clean


•    Use any flexible media attached to a carrier film for attachment and tensioning around the laser imaging cylinder


•    Clear view of processing through UV absorbing Perspex access door


•    Integrated platform for developing customised pattern peelable mask technology


•    Interchangeable processing elements


•    Laser processing possible on a range of flexible media including plastic film, foil, adhesive sheet, paper, textiles, ultra-thin

     glass, and artificial skin

Our first production L3PM Desktop System is currently in use by Cambridge University Engineering Department. Professor Andrew Flewitt (Academic Manager of the CUED Clean Facility) provided us with a quotation explaining the universities interests in our technology and their usage of the L3PM desktop system.


'A L3PM desktop system is installed in the Clean Facility of Cambridge University's Electrical Engineering Division.  The primary interest is in using the technology as an alternative means to photolithography for patterning thin film materials and substrate surfaces used in the manufacture of electronic devices, with the advantage that it enables dry lift-off processes and significantly reduced cost.'

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